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Kalooki or Bingo?
   But better than that, Kalooki isn't just about luck, like Bingo.
     Kalooki is a skill game played against real people. Imagine winning a session against some
        of the best players in the world. You're not just winning money, you're giving yourself
             a nice, warm smug feeling for the rest of the day!
So come on - give those balls a rest and have a night on the Kalooki tiles!
If you're an online Bingo player, you'll LOVE Kalooki!

You've got 20 minutes to spare before you pick up the kids and you fancy a quick game and a bit of a giggle with some of the girls. Bingo or Kalooki? The choice is easy!

Everything you love about Bingo you'll get from Kalooki - quick games, great chat, a huge worldwide group of players and fantastic
 bonuses and promotions.
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